St Joe, Missouri River 7-14-2018

This past Saturday Night we hosted the 2018 St.Joseph Reed Chevrolet Catfish Classic Tournament in St.Joseph Missouri.
There were a record setting 168 teams competing for over $30,000 in cash.
Congrats to all the winners!!!

Thank you to our sponsors for the continued support the have provided!!!

City of St.Joseph, Reed Chevrolet, ABC Disposal, J and B Outdoors, Big Cat Fever Rods, Savannah Marine, St.Joe Frontier Casino, Kruses Auto, Parks Enterprises, Auto Zone, Snip and Clip,G & R Bait Co.,and Hillyard Industries

1st and BIG Fish – Bradley Young-Tom Holtman-Trey Holtman.-151.55 lbs. Big Fish – 89.05 lbs.

1st and BIG Fish. Bradley Young-Tom Holtman-Trey Holtman.-151.55 lbs.

1st and BIG Fish. Bradley Young-Tom Holtman-Trey Holtman.-151.55 lbs.

2nd – Brad Kilpatrick-Kevin Brown. 128.15 lbs.

3rd – Brian Saunders-Boomer Wilson. 123.60 lbs.

4th – Chris Thompson-Brice Benson. 104.60 lbs.

5th – Danny Mayer-Derek Allen. 102.10 lbs.

6th – Bowe Brockman-Bryan Severa. 94.15 lbs.

7th – Kaleb McAdams-Chris Baker. 81.10 lbs.

8th – Jack Vanlear-Joel Roberts. 79.80 lbs.

9th – Roger Whetstine Sr-Jason Whetstine-Tyler Carskaddon. 75.95 lbs.

10th – Andrew Carnes-Randy Morgan. 75.05 lbs.

11th – David Shipman-Aaron Wheatley. 74.15 lbs.

12th – Tyson Kane-Steve Greenwalt. 71.35 lbs.

13th – Roger Whetstine Jr-Riley Whetstine. 64.80 lbs.

14th – Jesse Linscott-Clint Roby. 63.90 lbs.

15th – Kodie Koehler-Jordan Stoner. 63.80 lbs.

16th – Chris Waggoner-Shannon Simpson. 61.15 lbs.

17th – Brennan Wehner-Ethan Meier. 58.20 lbs.

18th – Nate Jensen-Nick Jensen. 55.95 lbs.

19th – Rudy Schwager-Brent Riddle. 55.05 lbs.

20th – Ben Korte-Josh Suttner. 52.90 lbs.